Recently, I've been really into wanting to travel (as usual I suppose) and cooking. I remember those days when I would say that my future husband would have to cook because I had no heart in doing so. I guess it's interesting how I got into cooking lately (insert 'women should stay in the kitchen' jokes.) In addition, I've been craving spicy Korean food which is no help. Been having too many food cravings lately. Boo. 

Going back to travelling, I wish I could take time off of school and travel (haha wish I had no budget either.) I would have to say that I am getting sick of the cold. Of course, with the exception of the occasional snow days, I've had enough of the cold.. 

Please take me to a place like this: 

Yeah.. One of those places that look like your typical screen saver.. 



I'm pretty sure that everybody has thought about the purpose of their existence at least once. As for myself, I know that I have thought about it more than once. 

Actually, I usually find myself thinking about my existence when I surround myself with too much kpop. It's actually quite hilarious because I love kpop. 

When I see these girl groups and boy bands, I always end up day dreaming about wanting to become a star, a celebrity. All the fame, attention, glitter and gold. I picture myself being one of course. Then I snap back into reality. 

I realize once again, that I'm just me. Just another ordinary person on this earth filled with billions of people. For the people who feel this way, I hope you don't because you aren't just "another person." 

I found this on Facebook under the "God Wants You to Know" App that I want to share with you: 

"People need you. People you love and even people you have never met are depending on you. You matter to God as well. No one else can be the person you were created to be. Do not think for a minute that you are not important; - the world needs you. God needs you." 

As cliche as it sounds, you are someone special.

Smile, because you are one of a kind :)! 




It's almost the end of fall semester 2010 and I can't help but feel...well, regret. I guess in terms of academics, but more towards my social and spiritual life.

Honestly, I miss 'Cuse a lot. I miss all my friends and being around people who believed in the same things I did. I miss eating with someone, just hanging out in each other's rooms, even walking to class together. It breaks my heart to see this disappear from where I am now. It hurts how I'm still holding onto the past when everyone has moved on. 

Loneliness has become a close friend. It makes me wonder if this is what I deserve.. Or this is what it is in the end... 

I fear that once I disappear, it would be as if I left... Without a trace..As if I didn't exist..

Through all this, I have found that I have become a great actress myself. It makes me wonder if anybody around me has the same kind of heart.. That is why I want to leave you with this Bible verse that has me holding on..

"The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged." 
-Deuteronomy 31:8